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Life does NOT  have to be messed up.


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Whether you’re dealing with adversity or insecurity, or simply desire to improve yourself, master Wisdom’s way and garner contentment and strength in any situation and confidence and calm with all people.

You can have a rewarding life. Wisdom shows the way. Whether you’re dealing with adversity, stress, failure, or simply desire to better yourself, master Wisdom’s way and garner strength in every hardship, composure with all people, and success with any endeavor.


I assume you want more fulfilling and rewarding results in your life, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this. True wealth and real peace can be yours when it comes to: relationships, finances, success, purpose, pleasure, and work... just to name a few.

The need (at times, desperate) for Christians and their families to bring some degree of calm or triumph to their frenzied or troubled existence sends them searching for help.  The Path of Wisdom is that help. You found this page for good reason.


If you order here, you'll get free shipping (save $4.00), the Postlude: The Personification of Wisdom (usually $4.95), and the article Contemplative Prayer: Journey to Divine Union (usually $7.00), and one of the Study Guides when released (it will list for$9.95). Find out out more about the extras.


Wisdom Is Calling You

"Come, eat my food and drink my wine. Leave your simple ways, and you will know what it means to truly live." To anyone who comes, she extends her hands. In her right hand is long life and in her left hand are riches and honor... and they are her gifts to you, if you will come.


Is your life something other than what you were expecting and wanting? The way you're currently doing life isn't workingyou need a change. Inside these sample chapters you'll learn empowering approaches to experience life's fullness. You have nothing to loose except for your less than rewarding life.



The Path of Wisdom draws on Wisdom's fullness, and with gentle, supportive and powerful suggestions, offers practices and principles that provide true wealth, real peace, and long life. This book and special offer will lead you down the satisfying path—The Path of Wisdom.



Those who master Wisdom’s way live with confounding ease. They seem content in all circumstances and comfortable with all people. They possess something that the rest of us want and need—peace of mind and a satisfying life. Now you can have it too, and live to the fullest... really.


"In thoughtful and creative language, John Hunt draws upon the inherent desire for freedom from chaos and misery in daily living to offer people what they truly want—a more peaceful and contented way of life."
     Becky Towne, Associate Dean
     Houston Graduate School of Theology, Houston, Texas


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Right now you can order your copy of the book (with free shipping) and get other empowering materials suggested in the book for just the price of the book... $14.95.


The extra life affirming material includes the Postlude: The Personification of Wisdom (not in the book; it's usually $4.95), the article Centering Prayer: Journey to Divine Union (usually $7.00), and one of the study guides, Increase Your Influence (when it's released in the next couple months, will list at $9.95).  More information on these items is available below in the extras section, and they will only be available as digital downloads.


Only 300 200 150 of this special offer will be sold... only enough to cover the initial printing cost. When that number is reached the offer ends.


Live With Surprising Ease and:

1. Posses Wealth

Wisdom extends to us wealth. Wisdom is concerned that anyone who follows her ways flourishes with all that makes for health and security, for good life and peace of mind, which includes material goods, but more importantly, refers to a contentment that satisfies.



"I found that this practical book about wisdom stays with you long after the last page. A must read for anyone who wishes to live free of chaos and enriched with peace."

     Lisa McCorkle, Principal
     Dietz Elementary School
, Tucson, Arizona

2. Build Friendships

Fair-weather friends abound; a faithful friend is hard to find. Regardless of what kind of friend our friends may be, we can choose to be a rare commodity—the kind of friend who sticks closer than a brother. Wisdom has many suggestions for making us dependable friends who reap the rewards of positive relationships.



3. Improve Family

Few things come easily, and family is no exception. In many marriages today, spouses like the privileges of matrimony but disdain the obligations. Then you add the stress and strain of the kids, and yes... family life can be a major challenge. Wisdom provides helpful suggestions for making family life more fulfilling.



"The stirring of real emotion around each topic—hope, joy, pain, sorrow, gratitude, frustration with life, hope for a better me and future; these are the primary elements I look for when searching for a good book. The content of The Path of Wisdom and how it conjures up and provokes the soul needs to be read by all—fantastic! I would definitely recommend this book to friends."
     Todd Collister, Marketing Representative
     DNA Next, Dallas, Texas


4. Compose Words

Sometimes we have a hard time "holding our tongue," and if the words we can't wait to utter are inspired by anger, frustration, or resentment, we may cause injury or foster hostility.

The tongue can be a powerful tool for either cursing or blessing, and wisdom offers her guidance to the Christian in the best use of words.



5. Gain Success

One of the best reasons to choose the path of wisdom is that it's in your best interest. Master wisdom’s way and garner broad success--strength in any situation, confidence with all people, and yes, material rewards are also in reach. But more important than material rewards, true success is the ability to enjoy life. And wisdom shows you the way.



"The Path of Wisdom reveals a treasure chest full of insights and ponderings—'apples of gold', and contains practical and transparent examples from John Hunt’s life. This book has provided me with sound direction, direction which I have also used to assist my loved ones, especially those feeling abandoned by life’s rewards."
     Pat McCoy, Owner
     The Real McCoy Painting, Lakewood, Colorado


6. Remove Anxiety

Emotions like anxiety, worry, and fear can make a person's day wretched. A Christian must put into practice attitudes and actions that give less attention to the uncontrollable past or future, laying everything before the Great Physician, and more focus on cultivating a peaceful and cheerful condition in the present. And wisdom points the way.



Life Changing Practices in Important Areas

With this inspirational and motivational self-help approach, you will get more out of life... not in just one aspect of your life but in all areas. You can generate and possess a constructive approach and positive well-being that supports amidst trials, strengthens in responsibility, and enlivens during refreshment. The Path of Wisdom offers true wealth and real peace in a number of significant areas:


character charityfinancesinfluenceknowledgepeaceperspectivepleasuresatisfactionspiritualityrightnessself-acceptanceself-controlspeechworkand more

Over 200 Pages of Rewarding Insights

The Path of Wisdom consists of 100 entries of roughly 400 to 450 words per entry, great for easy reading, personal reflection, or group study. The questions at the end of each entry, the subject index, and the resource guide, are provided to empower you to practice and possess peace and satisfaction. The book is of the inspirational, motivational, spiritual growth genre and offers principled and practical suggestions for living the Christian life with less stress and anxiety, greater ease and contentment, and more fulfillment and satisfaction.


Softcover: 252 pages

Publisher: Upper Gate Publishing (December 2011)
Author: John Hunt

Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-0982500323
ISBN-10: 0982500323

Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5 x .5 inches


In this age of information, knowledge is plentiful but wisdom is scarce. Wisdom’s benefits include favor with God and others, a long, prosperous life, a reputation for good judgment, and success. If you’re like me, and you desire these things in your life, The Path of Wisdom is a must read.
     Howard K. Brewington, Retired Army Officer

     Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas


Check Out These Extras:

These extras will only be available free in this special offer. Once 300 200 of this offer are sold, these items will revert to their regular prices.

1. Postlude: The Personification of Wisdom

We usually think of instruction or guidance as concepts or principles, but the ancient sages of the Hebrew tradition usually turned the idea of wisdom into a person. This person calls out to humanity, to all who choose her, and she offers gifts more valuable than silver and gold . Whether these amazing gifts are metaphorical or literal, it would be enriching to know who this person is and how we might meet her.

2. Centering Prayer: Journey to Divine Union

Centering prayer (also called contemplative prayer) is such a crucial component to living well and experiencing wisdom that I’m making available in this special offer the article, Centering Prayer: Journey to Divine Union, to guide you in implementing this enriching spiritual discipline. In centering prayer you don't just modify your thoughts or change your life, rather, the Divine transforms you... and there’s no experience so amazing.


Only a Limited Number Available

For a limited time you can order your copy of the book (with free shipping via regular mail) and get a select few of the materials suggested in the book for just the price of the book... $14.95.


The extra materials include the Postlude: The Personification of Wisdom (It's not in the book--usually $4.95), the article Centering Prayer: Journey to Divine Union (usually $7.00).  More information on these items is available above in the extras section. The extra materials will be available only as digital downloads.


Only 300 200 150 of this special offer will be sold... only enough to cover the initial printing cost. When that number is reached the offer ends.


Something Must Change

Is your life something other than what you were expecting and wanting? Before you can experience an enriching life, something must change. The way you're currently doing life isn't working--you need a change. The Path of Wisdom shows you how and gives you all the tools, everything you need, to change your life, to lift yourself out of the doldrums and experience life's fullness. You have nothing to loose except for your less than rewarding life.

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